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  • Restoration of Divine Services - Effective May 1, 2021

    • Altar servers may begin serving at Mass. They must wear a mask and will not be allowed to hold the Missal or other books in front of the presider.
    • Continue to drop your Sunday envelopes in the baskets located at all entrances.
    • The Hymnals will be available for use. But you are encouraged to continue bringing your Sunday Missal.
    • Pamphlets and literature will be available.
  • What a journey it has been!

    As you may have heard, this past weekend was the last first dose clinic. Second dose clinics will continue until the end of May, to service all the people who received first doses at one of our clinics. Through the efforts of our clinics, over 20,000 people have been vaccinated. The Project is seeing a deceleration in the demand for appointments, many other providers are coming on board, and the school district must focus on end-of-school-year activities - the time is right to discontinue our Boyertown mega-clinics.
    Special, thanks to Ed and Terry Hudon, the Medicine Shoppe and Brent Rothermel, Good Shepherd, UCC who identified a need and spearheaded a project to address the problem.
    Thank you to all the volunteers from our parish who diligently called and registered parishioners who wanted the vaccine. Each of you deserves a standing ovation for the part you've played in this project! What a great example of how our community came together to help so many in a time of need.

  • Memory candle

  • Eucharistic Adoration 

    We are happy to report that we have one adorer for each hour. 
    We are looking for more.

    If you can spare one hour each week to spend quietly with Our Lord please join this wonderfully grace-filled ministry.

    Contact : Ed Short
    @ 484-366-6696  shorte@mbsbally.org 
    or Margaret Chovanes
    @ 610-248-2171  margaretc@mbsbally.org

  • Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Mark 4:35-41

    On that day, as evening drew on, Jesus said to his disciples:
    “Let us cross to the other side.”
    Leaving the crowd, they took Jesus with them in the boat just as he was.
    And other boats were with him.
    A violent squall came up and waves were breaking over the boat,
    so that it was already filling up.
    Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion.
    They woke him and said to him,
    “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”
    He woke up,
    rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Quiet!  Be still!”
    The wind ceased and there was great calm.
    Then he asked them, “Why are you terrified?
    Do you not yet have faith?”
    They were filled with great awe and said to one another,
    “Who then is this whom even wind and sea obey?”

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  • charter for the protection of children & young people

  • Sign-up for TEXT-Email News, Info & Alerts

    Hear ye, Hear ye all Most Blessed Sacrament Parishioners!!


    One of our strategic goals is to enhance communications with every parishioner.

    If you would like to be notified by TEXT or EMAIL of important parish news, holy day reminders, important messages from our pastor, and special events being held at MBS, school closings, etc., then this is for you.  Plus, join as many groups as you are involved with!  We are positive more groups will be added in the future.


    Please note...after you click on the "Sign Me UP" link below, you will be directed to sign up for groups if you desire.  You can sign up for one or more than one group.  Presently, we have five listed: Knights of Columbus, SFA Parents, CCD parents, Preschool parents and Parish Volunteers.  Please note...you do NOT have to sign up for any group at all. When you get to this screen, just close down your window.

    Just by signing up you will belong to the "Everyone" group and will receive TEXTS and Emails that go out to the entire parish.  

    If you do sign up for a group(s) like SFA parents and/or PREP parents as an example and the Director sends a TEXT out to these two groups that school is closed due to weather...you will get these messages.  Note...you not only belong to the groups you signed up for...but you're part of the "Everyone" group, too.

    Just fill out the form below.  If you have both an email address and a CELL phone number or other phone number that can receive text messages,  please give us both along with your First & Last name.  If you only have one of these...a CELL number or email address...perfectly OK, just give us the one you have...then click: :Sign Me UP.           
    That's it!

    You are now "connected" to Most Blessed Sacrament!


    Now you can contribute to all Sunday Collections, Diocesan Collections and all other collections by coming directly here on Home Page. 

    By clicking on the PARISH GIVING LOGO below, you can create your account now!  After you've created your account you choose any collection to contribute to...Example, you can choose "Sunday Offering"...$25.00...weekly...or...$100 monthly and you choose the date of your contribution.

    Plus... as an added bonus, you'll be able to use any Rewards or standard Credit/Debit Card that you have or you can use your checking account via EFT draft.  It's safe, simple and secure. 

    The Following is an overview of some of the features:

    • Ability to make one-time or annual contributions
    • Ability to make recurring contributions weekly or monthly
    • Ability to select your billing date and frequency
    • Ability to use Rewards or Standard Credit Cards or Bank Transfer
    • Ability to change your date(s) of contribution
    • Ability to access end of year contribution reports 

    If you have any questions during the enrollment process please call Parish Giving at: 1-866-307-7140.